How to apply Medicine in Ireland

How to apply for a medical course in Ireland?​
Students from North America must apply to medical school in Ireland via the Atlantic Bridge Program. The Atlantic Bridge Program provides a streamlined application service with one common application​ and one set of supporting documents (transcripts, letters of reference, etc.), students can apply to all six Irish medical schools.​
How long are the medical degree courses in Ireland?​
Four Year Courses (a bachelor’s degree and the MCAT are required for admission):​
Five Year Courses (the MCAT is not required for admission to these courses):​
Six Year Courses
Frequently Asked Questions
What degrees are awarded by the medical schools in Ireland?​

Medical students are awarded a suite of degrees upon their graduation from medical school. Some programs ​award a total of three degrees: Medicine (MB), Surgery (BCh), and Obstetrics (BAO), while others award a total​ of two degrees: Medicine (BM), and Surgery (BS). The Irish suite of degrees is the equivalent of the M.D.​ which is awarded in the USA and Canada.​

Are the medical schools in Ireland accredited by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)?​

Yes. The World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) has awarded recognition status to the Medical Council of Ireland (MCI).

Will you be able to practice medicine in the United States / Canada following graduation from one of these schools?​

Graduates are eligible to practice in all of the European Union nations, in all British Commonwealth nations​ and territories and in the United States and Canada following successful completion of the applicable licensing procedures.​

Is the medical degree awarded by Irish Medical Schools recognized in the United States and Canada?​

The medical degrees awarded by the Irish universities are recognized by the medical licensing authorities in the United States and Canada.