How to apply Medicine in Ireland

How to apply for a medical course in Ireland?​
Students from North America must apply to medical school in Ireland via the Atlantic Bridge Program. The Atlantic Bridge Program provides a streamlined application service with one common application​ and one set of supporting documents (transcripts, letters of reference, etc.), students can apply to all six Irish medical schools.​
How long are the medical degree courses in Ireland?​
Four Year Courses (a bachelor’s degree and the MCAT are required for admission):​
Five Year Courses (the MCAT is not required for admission to these courses):​
Six Year Courses
Frequently Asked Questions

Medical students are awarded a suite of degrees upon their graduation from medical school. Some programs ​award a total of three degrees: Medicine (MB), Surgery (BCh), and Obstetrics (BAO), while others award a total​ of two degrees: Medicine (BM), and Surgery (BS). The Irish suite of degrees is the equivalent of the M.D.​ which is awarded in the USA and Canada.​

Yes. The World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) has awarded recognition status to the Medical Council of Ireland (MCI).

Graduates are eligible to practice in all of the European Union nations, in all British Commonwealth nations​ and territories and in the United States and Canada following successful completion of the applicable licensing procedures.​

The medical degrees awarded by the Irish universities are recognized by the medical licensing authorities in the United States and Canada.