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Where and what?

Right now, your undergraduate studies may appear to be the most important thing in the world. But that’s only half the truth, because where you choose to study can have an even deeper impression on your life than what you choose to study.

When you choose to pursue your studies in Ireland, you’re not only guaranteed a qualification that’s recognized anywhere in the world, but you’re also guaranteed an education in living that will stand to you for the rest of your days.

A completely different experience

Living in Ireland while you study is an opportunity to experience something completely different – a country with a tradition of learning that goes back to the Middle Ages, but with a modern-day culture of curiosity that truly sets us apart as one of the most dynamic and vibrant of European countries.

We’re curious about where technology can lead us next; we’re curious about discovering the next great wave of Irish writers and thinkers will; but most of all, we’re curious about life itself, constantly looking for newer and better ways to make our mark on humanity.

We’re proud to be known as ‘Ireland of the welcomes’
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We speak your
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We’re home to the brightest and best of global corporations

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We’ve even got our own special word for fun.
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A passport for global success
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We’re behind you every step of the way
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Enjoy a culture that’s captivated the world
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Rooted in the past, focused on the future
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We’re proud to be known as
‘Ireland of the welcomes’

The Irish have always prided themselves on the warmth of their welcome and are rightly famed for making visitors to our shores feel at home. And as one of the safest countries in the world, we provide an environment where security is taken as real. Our receiving universities all have formal integration programs in place, making sure that all our Study Abroad guests settle in quickly and easily.

We speak your language
It’s hugely comforting to know that Ireland is one of the very few English-speaking countries in Europe, so settling in and making the most of your stay with us is super-easy. Whether it’s dealing with lecturers or simply asking for directions, there’s no risk of anything getting lost in translation.

We’re home to the brightest and 
best of global corporations.

Because of our exceptionally skilled workforce and graduate pool, Ireland is a destination of choice for pretty much every global corporation that wants to establish a headquarters in Europe. American companies, in particular, choose us for our English-speaking workforce, so you’ll find all the tech giants right here, along with some of the biggest financial services and pharma companies from around the world. Ireland has always excelled as a center of innovation and creativity, and our universities are home to some of the most cutting-edge research, often in collaboration with major national or international corporations.

We’ve even got our
own special word for fun.

Whenever you hear the Irish speak about ‘craic’ (pronounced as crack), they’re actually referring to a uniquely Irish trait of looking to enjoy every moment to its fullest. It’s a constant background to Irish life, and our young, multicultural population revel in living in one of the most dynamic and forward-looking countries in Europe. Today’s modern new Ireland vibrates with a sense of curiosity that powers our economy and shapes out society, giving rise to one of the most dynamic of European countries in the arts, music, culture and emerging technologies.

A passport for
global success

No matter where you choose to pursue your career in future years, your Irish qualifications will be recognized and highly regarded all over the world. Ireland has a centuries-old tradition of educational excellence, and graduates from Irish universities are welcomed by employers in every industry and in every quarter of the globe. A degree from an Irish Higher Education Institution is a fast-track to opportunity – wherever you choose to work and live in future years

We’re behind you
every step of the way

Our focus on supporting our students both inside and outside the classroom is hugely important. Inside the classroom there is an environment where achievement is a contributor to a culture of excellence, and we want to help you succeed. Outside the classroom we want to ensure that you can enjoy the best experience possible during your time with us.

Enjoy a culture that’s
captivated the world

It’s estimated that up to 40 million Americans have some family connection to Ireland. Few other countries in Europe have such a widespread diaspora, and our people have been settling in all four corners of the globe for hundreds of years. We love to welcome back ‘our own’, so there’s always a specially warm welcome for those looking to re-connect with their sense of Irishness. And even for those with no direct family connections, Ireland offers a magnetic connection for seekers of culture and tradition, for students of history, and for lovers of life.

Rooted in the past,
focused on the future

The romantic image of Ireland is still very much alive and well. But side-by-side with it sits a modern European nation that is a magnet for both financial services and I.T., with most of the biggest companies/brands in the world having their European headquarters here. With one of the youngest and best-educated workforces in the world, we are also a major innovation hub and a breeding ground for new start-ups and for Research & Development.