It takes independent thinkers and doers to succeed in today’s world – and it takes a pioneering, creative and agile country to produce them. That country is Ireland.

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june, 2023


Fit for purpose

Ireland is regarded as one of the best-educated countries in the world, but not just in the academic sense. Graduates from Irish universities are ‘fit for purpose’, ready to play their part in the success of leading employers here in Ireland, or in their home countries, or anywhere in the world. But equally important, the Irish national culture of being pioneering, creative and agile rubs off on our graduates, who learn the crucial skills of resilience, self-reliance and self-confidence. This education in resilience can only be experienced in a country that is constantly evolving and constantly re-inventing itself to succeed in a world where ‘tomorrow’ seems to be upon us at an ever-quicker rate

Our own unique niche

We succeed in creating our own unique niche in the world via the creative nature of our people, our sense of entrepreneurship and invention, and the agility to change our industrial, educational and political institutions to meet ever-emerging and ever more demanding challenges.

That love of learning is very much alive and well in today’s Ireland, evidenced by the fact that we have one of the brightest and best-educated populations in the world.

We continuously strive to be not just formally educated, but educated in the ways of the world, constantly arming ourselves with the knowledge and the skills to excel in technology, in economics, in entertainment, in the arts.

And chief among these personal skills that we value so much are creativity, entrepreneurship, and the ability to change course as a response to changing circumstances.

We recognize your ambition to have the best possible education – one that will set you out on the road to a great career. And whether you’re looking for a general postgraduate degree or a more specialist qualification, we have a solution for you that will not only deliver exceptional educational results but will also set you apart from other candidates on the employment market or in academia. It will do so by dint of studying in a country that constantly re-invents itself, is globally connected, is socially and economically progressive, deeply welcoming and steeped in rich heritage and culture. But equally important, our national culture of being pioneering, creative and agile will help you learn the crucial life skills of resilience, self-reliance and self-confidence.


Ireland is a small island nation, located on the western-most tip of Europe. Over the centuries, this has posed huge challenges to us in terms of commerce, political influence and creating a place for ourselves in the world.

Our response to this has been wrapped up in creative thinking and a willingness to think far beyond the obvious. We have re-imagined ourselves multiple times, creating niches for ourselves as a centre of international banking excellence, as the headquarters of all the world’s greatest tech and pharma companies, and as leaders in added-value agricultural products that are respected throughout the world.

And outside the world of commerce, we have been the home of creative writers and independent thinkers for centuries, while our scientists and inventors have made a mark on the world that’s way out of proportion to our modest size.

This deep-rooted culture of creativity and of problem-solving has made us stand out on the global stage, and the graduates we produce each year from our leading colleges and universities are highly sought after in diverse industries and in markets all over the world.

The graduates that we produce are typified by their ability to tackle not just the challenges of today, but are prepared for the future in terms of jobs and of sectors that haven’t even been born yet.


We have always been a challenger nation, facing up to the competition of bigger and better resourced countries. 

We have addressed this challenge not by trying to clone what other nations are already doing, but by adopting a more pioneering approach that sees us creating our own niches and our own areas of specialisation.

Above all else, we have been entrepreneurial as a nation, looking to find new solutions for problems that were once seen as intractable. Our expertise has helped turn arid lands of Africa into fertile farming lands. Our innovations in food production have seen a country of five million people produce enough to feed sixty million. And in aviation, the Irish model of low-cost commuting has revolutionised the face of European travel.

Our percentage of self-employed and small or medium-sized enterprises is a further proof of our commitment to ploughing our own furrow, making new opportunities for ourselves instead of simply following the herd.

We consistently over-index in terms of success stories on the world stage, whether it’s in commerce, economics, science, entertainment or the arts. And underlying each of these successes is a culture of looking to the future rather than resting on the present.

The graduates that result from this culture of entrepreneurship and of pioneering progress are stars of the global business world, not to mention leading the charge in the fields of academia and research.


Having an ambition to change tack is one thing but being agile and nimble enough to do so is another thing completely.

Ireland is a nation that has traditionally excelled at changing direction quickly and efficiently, with an attitude of willingly embracing the opportunities that change offers us.

Within a single decade, for example, we had transformed ourselves into a global financial services sector and home to pretty much every bank or financial services company around the world.

In a similar timeframe, a daring tax regime and a highly skilled and well-educated workforce saw us take our place as the Silicon Valley of Europe.

But this is just the start of it. Our people are ready, willing and able to address ‘the next big thing’, to address the opportunities and the challenges that tomorrow will inevitably bring.

Without doubt studying in this environment of super-fast responsiveness makes its mark on our graduates. They are highly adaptive, highly resilient, and highly skilled at skating to where the puck is going, not to where it is at the moment.